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5 Gorgeous Bridal Bouquets To Accompany You Down The Aisle

Flowers are a fundamental part of most weddings and are the heart of wedding decors. From lining seats with dainty little flowers to styling long-stemmed flowers as table centrepieces, flowers are capable of transforming any venue into a magical wonderland of love.


Besides the flowers used in your wedding decor, one of the most important flower decisions you’ll make is the wedding bouquet that will be accompanying you when you walk down the aisle.


Bridal bouquets in Singapore come in a variety of styles, influenced by various cultures and brought in from other countries; ranging from single-stemmed bouquets with only one flower, to overflowing arrangements of foliage and blooms.


Depending on the theme of your wedding, your wedding florist will recommend a bouquet that will make a statement while not drawing too much attention away from you. We’ve outlined five different wedding bouquet styles and shapes below for you to consider when putting together your own bridal bouquet.


1. Small Posy Bouquet



Starring a bloom formation typically round in shape, with its flower stems cut to the same length and bound tightly together with a ribbon, a posy bouquet is a classic bridal bouquet style usually small enough to be held in the hands.


A popular choice in traditional and modern weddings in Singapore, the posy bouquet features mostly flowers with minimal foliage or none at all while exuding a sense of elegance and creating a romantic look for the one holding it.


This bouquet style is so classic that Meghan Markle opted to carry this style at her own wedding to Prince Harry.


2. Round Bouquet



Round bouquets are another classic bouquet style in which flowers are tightly packed together to form perfect domes, often with only one type of flower or flowers of a very similar colour and texture. Although this style is typically monochromatic, you can request a bouquet in a variety of colours from your wedding florist for a more unique bouquet option.


Compared to the posy bouquet, this bridal bouquet style contains zero foliage, and is a lot neater and tightly wound up together.


Fancy the look of a round bouquet but want to do things differently compared to how it’s done traditionally? You may wish to speak with a professional wedding florist to curate a bridal bouquet specifically tailored to your needs. Choose from a wide variety of wedding flowers, colours, and even leaves to put together the bouquet of your dreams.


3. Hand-Tied Bouquet



While all bouquets are hand-tied by a florist, this wedding bouquet style is named as such because it is held together with nothing more than ribbon, fabric, or twine. Hand-tied bouquets may appear slightly more carelessly arranged for a “fresh-picked flower” feel, perfect for rustic, bohemian, and botanical weddings.


They are beautifully arranged with a variety of wedding flowers and carefully chosen foliage to create a romantic look. Hand-tied bouquets also have a lot more foliage compared to posy and round bouquets.


4. Cascading Bouquet



The cascading bouquet is an alluring bouquet that drapes elegantly down the front of the flower arrangement, taking the shape of a waterfall, with a concentration of flowers arranged at the top, flowing down to loosely arranged twines, foliage and flowers.


This bridal bouquet style draws attention to the person carrying it and the bride a dramatic look; perfect for brides in plain, simple wedding dresses with minimal accessories.


To achieve a natural shape, some cascading bouquets use vines or foliage tendrils loosely intertwined with flowers, whereas the more traditional cascading bouquet has a more defined shape, looking more formed and formal. Play around with different flower and foliage textures, incorporate ivy leaves or work with a colour gradient for a unique and gorgeous cascading bouquet.


5. Free-Form/Unstructured Bouquet



A single-stem bouquet creates an effortless and edgy look, ideal for the bride who wants something simple. It has only one large bloom, which is sometimes accompanied by a little extra foliage for a lush-looking stem and bouquet.


Unlike other wedding bouquets with a variety of colours and flowers of varying sizes, to make a single-stem bouquet work, you would have to choose a large wedding flower that will look good on its own. Roses, peonies, proteas, hydrangeas, magnolias, and even sunflowers look stunning in single-stem bouquets.


Single-stem bouquets allow your guests to see the beauty in the detail of your chosen flower, all while allowing your wedding dress to shine.



There are numerous bridal bouquet styles to choose from, as well as countless ways to style your wedding flowers. Fortunately, you have complete control over the decision, and there is no right or wrong bouquet style to choose as long as it complements you and your preferences. However, if you're stuck in a bind, we recommend seeking styling advice from a professional wedding florist to help you narrow down your options.


The theme of your wedding, your dress, accessories, and even your groom’s suit can help to determine the right choice of flowers and bouquet style for your wedding. Signing up for wedding decor packages is one good way to easily tie everything together seamlessly as the professional stylist can help you handle everything. 


Petite Fleur is a leading florist in Singapore, specialising in fresh, handcrafted bouquets with a distinctly romantic and beautiful style. Contact us today to be enchanted by our stunning floral arrangements and walk down the aisle on your special day feeling like a princess.