Floral Bouquet Singapore | 5 Principles of Flower Arrangement

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5 elements to consider when crafting a flower arrangement


Creating a striking floral arrangement is more than just gathering a couple of loose flowers together. Instead, it involves precise design principles like balance, dominance, rhythm and scale. Professional florists who have mastered the art of arranging and design are responsible for the thousands of unique floral designs available at flower shops across Singapore.


Nonetheless, we believe anyone can share in the creative process of flower arrangement. That's why we've put together a list of 5 main floral design principles to help you get started on your own floral bouquets!


1. Balance


Balance in a floral bouquet does not always mean symmetrical. There are two types of balance: symmetrical, in which equal amounts of similar colour, texture, and flowers are placed on both sides of a middle, and asymmetrical.


For asymmetrical arrangements, the visual weight of the arrangement is balanced, though that does not mean that the flowers look fully symmetrical in shape. Imagine a single large hydrangea balanced by a generous cluster of smaller spray roses. By playing around with different sizes of flowers and shapes, you can create endless possibilities of alluring arrangements!


Blue And White Flower Arrangements


2. Dominance


Dominance is the repetition of one or more elements in your bouquet to draw attention immediately to a focal point or style of the arrangement. It could be flowers, colours, patterns, or textures that repeat within the bouquet, creating emphasis and pulling everything together into a harmonious, pleasing arrangement.


Our Autumn Surprise floral bouquet, for instance, emphasises beautiful garden roses and hues of pink with other flowers like dusty red calla lilies and royal purple cotinus. Although Singapore has no seasons, just looking at this breezy autumn bouquet pulls you into a magical seasonal experience - that’s what dominance can do for your arrangement!


Flower Bouquet Arrangement Ideas


3. Rhythm


You can create rhythm in your arrangement by repeating one (or a few) elements in a clear linear direction. Our Cafe Latte Rose arrangement is a dried flowers bouquet; you can see that the springy cotton bulbs repeat along a lovely line, then extend out in a rustic cotton branch, creating rhythm in the bouquet!


Dried Flower Arrangement


4. Scale


Your arrangement should ideally fit the space that it is in. This means, a large space should accommodate a more magnificent arrangement, while a smaller area will work better with a petite floral bouquet. Craft your arrangement according to the space that you are planning to put in it for the best, most pleasing results.


Small Flower Arrangements


5. Colour


Finding the right colours to mix into an arrangement is tricky work! There are different types of colour relationships, like analogous, complementary, hue, intermediate etc. If you’re having trouble fitting the right colours together in your floral bouquet, you can make use of a colour wheel to help you out. Pink and green, for instance, are harmonious complementary colours. Our ‘Blush Italian Ranunculus, Queen Protea and Peony’ bouquet shows off wonderful shades of pink and green, creating an attractive arrangement!


Flower Arrangements In Vase


Overall, use these five principles as a guide when you’re working on your floral bouquet. They should not restrict you but give you more room to play around and be creative with your arrangements. We recommend that you also look to professionally handcrafted flower bouquets for inspiration!

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