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About Petite Fleur

Best Wedding Florist in Singapore


Petite Fleur is me finally breathing life into my dreams and sharing my love with the world.

When Patricia set up Petite Fleur, she had one goal in mind. "I wanted to sell one of a kind flowers, stylishly presented, to the Singapore market."

She chose to give up her career in one of the Big Four accounting firms in order to pursue her passion in floristry. With a strong sense of colour and design, and a genuine passion for flowers, it has proved to be a winning combination.

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  • Best Wedding Florist in Singapore
  • Best Wedding Florist in Singapore
  • Best Wedding Florist in Singapore
  • Best Wedding Florist in Singapore
Flower Bouquet in Singapore

Petite Fleur is a leading Singapore florist, known for having the best flower delivery services in Singapore. Our fresh, handcrafted bouquets possess a unique style of enchantment and romance, fashioned by our keen eye for detail, colour and design. Only premium blooms are used, so our flowers last longer than average and will remain to flourish in your homes. Because we believe in spreading love & bringing people together with flowers, our passion is brought into our studio and transformed into beautiful, elegant flower bouquets--loved by all. Making an order from us is simple--everything happens online. We offer same day flower delivery services to anywhere in Singapore!

Setting the perfect date for your special someone requires a lot of planning. From early restaurant reservation, to buying the best outfit, to finding special gift, and more importantly ordering the best bouquet, there are lots of tasks to do to achieve a perfect date.

However, there are cases when preparing and ordering in advance just wouldn’t do. For instance, your special someone was promoted and you want to congratulate her. Or maybe, you get into a fight and want to send an apology. Nothing melts the heart of a girl than a sincere message that comes with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. In these situations, you need a same day flower delivery.

Stopping over a flower shop to get a bouquet will take time which can be wisely for other more important purposes. Instead of troubling yourself with dropping by a flower shop and waiting for your order to be arranged, you can simply order a bouquet online.

Flowers make a person feel appreciated and special. In some ways, flowers also held various meanings. It is always fun to communicate in the language of flowers. It is another and more intricate way to send your thoughts to someone.

When ordering bouquet of flowers is made easy with our technology today, it is also risky to trust an online flower shop. If your flower delivery fails, your plan will go down with it. Many people in Singapore have reported this same scenario over and over again from their experiences with online florists. What was supposed to be a way to reconcile can trigger yet another quarrel. We don’t want that happening. We don’t want to spoil your plans with a failed flower delivery service. What we want is for our clients and their loved ones to be happy with the help of our elegant bouquets.

Petite fleur is a trusted online flower delivery shop in Singapore. We can help you out with sending your thoughts to your special someone through our fast and reliable flower delivery service. Petite Fleur believes that flowers are the best gift you can give someone.

If you are looking for a professionally made and stunning flower arrangement to impress your partner, we highly recommend that you browse over our collection. We have the finest flower bouquets that we deliver on a same-day basis in Singapore. With this set-up, you can have your needed bouquet on the very same day you place an order. No more waiting and reservation, we will get them ready for you.

We are very particular with customer satisfaction. More than anyone else, we understand that flowers are fragile and short-lived. This, however, shouldn’t be something our clients bother about. We find ways to make sure that despite the delicate and ephemeral quality of our products, you will receive your bouquet in a very good condition.