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A Seasonal Guide to Wedding Flowers in Singapore


In countries that grow flowers locally, choosing blooms that are in season is a great way to cut down on wedding bouquet and decor costs, since local florists do not have to pay extra to import them. As a result of its humid climate and limited space, the variety of flowers that can be grown in Singapore is limited. Hence, local florists have to import their fresh flowers from countries like Holland, Netherlands, and Kenya.


Even though you cannot save much by purchasing imported flowers from local florists, you can, however, enjoy a higher chance of securing your desired blooms all year round - florists in Singapore are always ready to fly in seasonal flowers from various countries. Since these seasonal blooms have to be imported, it is always best to consider their seasonality and make your orders early to secure them for special occasions, like a wedding.


That’s why, in this blog, we share the seasonality of the most adored bridal flowers in Singapore as well as flower alternatives for each beautiful bloom.


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Bridal Bouquet


Hydrangeas are small flowers that grow in clusters; hence the many layers of softly curving petals lend to their generous spherical shape. These luscious clusters of blooms are an elegant touch to any wedding venue - be it a relaxing garden space, a classy hotel reception, or a classic all-white church wedding. Brides also love using lavish hydrangeas for their bridal bouquets to flaunt elegance and sophistication. Popular arrangements are hydrangea-only bouquets or mixed floral bouquets paired with complementary flowers like garden roses and scabiosa. 


Hydrangeas bloom in warmer southern countries in the late months of May to July, and in northern climates from August to September. This means that you can enjoy beautiful fresh hydrangea blooms for your wedding, anytime between May to September in Singapore. At other times of the year, florists in Singapore may offer snowball bushes, lilacs, and butterfly bushes as suitable hydrangea alternatives.



Ranunculus Bridal Bouquet


Ranunculi are large and full blooms that are ideal for arranging into a romantic bridal bouquet. These gorgeous fresh flowers have about 100 to 130 petals that hug over each other in a single bloom - so just a few choice ranunculi are enough to indulgently fill up a bridal bouquet or line the tables at the reception. Brides often opt for an all-white ranunculus bouquet paired with some greenery for a classic style, or mix in shades of blush pink, yellow or orange for a more cheerful vibe.


Ranunculi are only in season from November to May, so be sure to check in with a florist in Singapore should you want to secure these breathtaking blooms for an end- to mid-year nuptial. Whilst no other flower truly resembles a beautiful ranunculus bloom, you can consider spray roses to retain a graceful and romantic wedding look.



Stunning Wedding Bouquet


Multiply the wondrous beauty of roses with the size of cabbages and you’ll find yourself gazing at stunningly plump peonies - it’s no wonder that they were once described by Marco Polo as “roses as big as cabbages”. Peonies are in season from May to July in Holland, and December to February in Australia or New Zealand. As these beautiful blooms are at their peak in the middle of the seasons, it’s best that you consult your florist in Singapore about the expected quality of the peonies during your wedding period. This way, you get to enjoy layers of loose and billowing petals instead of stiffer and more tightly wrapped bulbs.


Should peonies be out of season in your wedding month, you can turn your attention to English garden roses that have a similar ruffled quality and supple shape so adored by those who love peonies.


Hydrangeas, ranunculi, and peonies are three of the best-loved blooms by brides in Singapore, and yet are also flowers that can be found only during the right seasons. As these exquisite flowers are so easily missed, a handy tip is to consult your florist early in the wedding planning stages about the availability of the blooms as well as other alternatives that might be available for you. Or, speak to the florist about the seasonality of your desired blooms, even before you set your wedding date. Make your big day extra special by celebrating it with beautiful seasonal flowers.


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