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Your Guide To Caring For Dried Flowers So They Last Longer



Have you ever felt a little disappointed when you had to discard a flower bouquet given to you by a loved one once the fresh flowers have wilted? While that is just part and parcel of having fresh blooms in your possession, it is also understandable to feel sad. 

Luckily, preserved and dried flower bouquets have been gaining popularity in Singapore and can typically last for months to even years! Next time your partner or friend wants to send you a flower bouquet, you might want to suggest preserved and dried flowers instead. 

But if you already have preserved and dried flowers and are wondering how you can care for them, these tips will help you to make sure they last as long as possible.

Never ever water your dried flowers

Flower bouquets require water to keep them fresh and their colours vibrant but preserved dried flowers do not need to be watered at all! Watering them could result in mould and make their stems weak - shortening their longevity at the same time. 

Best to avoid direct sunlight

Dried Flowers on a Vanity Table


Although dried flowers will not wilt, sunlight can make their colours fade quicker so it is best to place them away from direct heat. Some of the best areas to place them include on your vanity table and on a shelf to prevent people from accidentally bumping into them since they are very fragile. 

Handle your dried flowers with care

Dried flowers are extremely delicate - any form of crushing, folding or pressing will result in them losing their petals which affects the overall aesthetics. Handle them gently and with care if you are shifting them around such as moving their position or changing vases. 

Clean them using a soft brush

If unsightly dust specks on your dried flowers irk you, then make sure you only use a soft brush to gently wipe any of the grime away. Any other forms of cleaning such as using cloth are not recommended as they can be too rough for the fragile petals.  

Keep them out of reach 

Dried Flowers on A Shelf


Although dried flowers are meant to be decorations and admired, the reality is that they will be better off kept out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental damage since they are so fragile. Constant moving will also subject the dried flowers to destruction so they are better suited to be placed in a more permanent space like a side table instead of the dining table. 

Avoid placing them in areas with high humidity

Places like the kitchen and bathroom are not ideal areas to keep dried flowers in as the fluctuating temperature will cause the stems to decay faster and turn mouldy. We recommend leaving them in a room with good airflow so they last longer. 

Now that you are equipped with everything you need to know to care for your dried flowers, it is perhaps time to add more to your collection! 

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