Floral bouquets | Tips for a Longer-Lasting Fresh Bouquet

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Freshen your home with longer-lasting fresh flower bouquets


Fresh flower bouquets are a refreshing gift to receive on any occasion, and make a lovely treat for yourself too. Oftentimes, however, the beauty of a fresh bouquet fades quicker than it should due to a lack of proper care for the flowers. Keeping a bouquet fresh takes a little bit of effort, but - to enjoy vibrant, fresh flowers in your home, it’s worthwhile. We share five simple tips on how to keep your flowers fresh and lasting longer in Singapore, so you can delight in them for as long as possible! 


#1 Trim the stems

The first thing you should do with your fresh bouquet of flowers is to cut two to three inches off the stems at a diagonal angle. A diagonal cut prevents stems from resting flat against the bottom of the vase, thus, allowing the flowers to take in water easily. Even if the flowers in your bouquet have already been snipped at an angle, you need to still trim the stems before putting them into the vase. The stems would have closed off when they were out of the water, and become incapable of absorbing water despite a diagonally trimmed base. Hydrate your flowers quickly by trimming the stems and transferring your blooms into lukewarm water.


Flower Bouquet Trimming


#2 Remove extra foliage

Foliage that remains soaked inside water causes bacteria growth that leads to foul odour as well as shortens your plant’s lifespan. So, keep your floral bouquet fresh and fragrant by simply removing all foliage that might lie inside the water. For bouquets arranged elegantly into clear crystal glass, getting rid of the messy foliage also creates a cleaner aesthetic. Placed in a well-lit room or in the natural light by the window, the stems, clean water, and clear vase combined show off translucent beauty alongside the flowers in the bouquet. Our Heaven Scent and La Vie En Rose floral arrangements are delicately arranged in clear glass vases for utmost sophistication in the home.


La Vie En Rose Floral Arrangement


#3 Keep away from direct sunlight


Florists often place flowers in the fridge because the cool temperature keeps them fresh for a longer period. Even though you don’t need to place your flowers in the fridge, it’s best that you display your blooms in an area away from direct sunlight or heat, which will cause the flowers to dehydrate and wilt quicker. Whilst flowers and fruits together sound like a work of art, they do not make a great combination. Fruits release gases that can cause flowers to bloom sooner, and fade out earlier than they should.


Petite Fleur Succulent Plants


Psst: If you love a sun-basking type of plant, succulents are an excellent alternative to floral bouquets. Besides thriving in the sunlight, their fat green leaves make them a great mood booster for both bright and cloudy days.


#4 Water well


Just like how plants need to be watered, your fresh floral bouquet needs to be given water to flourish too. Before placing your flowers into the vase, make sure to wash your vase squeaky clean. Residue from your old bouquets, just like foliage, can cause the growth of bacteria in water and your flowers to age.


It’s a good practice to change the water in your vase daily, and clean it each time you do so. Instead of topping up with water, pour out the old water, give your vase a quick rub, then refill with clean water.


Some flowers, like hydrangeas, require more water than others, and might require you to change the water twice in a single day. Did you know that hydrangeas literally mean water jar in Greek? It is not surprising that they are thirsty flowers – and the only ones that can take in water from their petals too. If your bouquet of hydrangeas looks like it needs water fast, you can dip the flower heads into the water to quickly restore their freshness. Our Cityline Mars Hydrangea bouquet is a gorgeous deep blue and purple arrangement that is stunning for any home. 


Cityline Mars Hydrangea Flower


#5 Go for alternatives


Fresh flowers are not nature’s only gifts to brighten your home. Dried and preserved flowers, for one, are a timeliness alternative to fresh blooms. They possess the same allure as fresh flowers, are also natural, and yet can survive for up to years. Or, fresh flowers that come in a box are another way that you can enjoy the loveliness of fresh blooms without having to transfer them into a separate jar or vase.


Dried Preserved Flowers Arrangement



There are so many ways to enjoy beautiful flowers in your home. If you love a traditional flower vase as much as we do, Petite Fleur’s flower vase subscription is a great way for you to relish four fully personalised, uniquely handcrafted floral arrangements for a month. Each week for a month, a new vase of fresh flowers will be delivered to your home. Simply change the water in the vase every day and enjoy the flourishing of fresh blooms all month long!


Petite Fleur is an online florist in Singapore that offers same-day delivery on fresh flower bouquets, vases, dried and preserved flowers, flowers in a box, and more. We use premium blooms that last longer, so that you can enjoy utmost delight in your fresh flowers. Shop our online store today!