Best Floral Bouquets to Order Online this Mother’s Day 2021

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5 Best flower bouquets you can order online for this Mother’s Day, 2021


With Mother's Day just round the corner, searching for the perfect gift to honour your mom can be a tricky task. The good news is that online florists like Petite Fleur retail a wide selection of ravishing floral bouquets and flower gifts, available right up to the special day. Same-day delivery allows you to get your hands on the most beautiful bouquets, even at the last minute. 


Since there’s something special for every mom, we share five exceptional flower gift ideas to help you spring a unique surprise for your mom on this occasion. Whether little, grand, exotic, bubbly, or a series of presents to show your everyday appreciation, you’ll find just the right blooms to shower her with lots of love this Mother’s Day.


#1 For a palm sized surprise


Even a mother who insists that she doesn’t want you getting her anything for this special occasion will be pleasantly greeted by this little gift of timeless blooms.



A gift that is not too extravagant but beautiful just the same, our special Palm Sized Flower Box is arranged with preserved red roses, pink hydrangeas, chrysanthemum, pink mint ferns, lavender, bunny tails and other filler flowers. It even features sola wood flowers, which are ‘origami’ blooms made from thin wooden outer layers of tapioca roots. All sola wood flowers are made intricately by hand; so, whilst this small flower box may not be the largest in size, it nonetheless expresses your sincere love for her.


Want to be spoilt for choice? Browse more petite flower in a box on our online store to get, hands down, the most perfect gift for Mom.


#2 For the mom who is queen


With all that moms are capable of doing - slaying at work, owning the chores at home, all whilst never ceasing to be loving towards her children, it’s no wonder that they are all queens.




The royal Queen Protea floral box is an enchanting way to express your admiration for Mom, the woman who exudes strength and dignity in all that she does. Queen Protea flowers are a symbol of courage - of having the bravery to adapt and face all the seasons of change in life. Aside from queen protea flowers, our bouquet is also crafted with plump ranunculus and peony flowers for an extra dose of elegance. What better way to honour a mother’s persevering spirit than with this statement Queen Protea bouquet? 


#3 For the lover of all things exotic


Escape the ordinary with our special orchid box. A bouquet of flowers may be your annual Mother’s Day gift, but there’s always something new to say with a different flower, especially the most exotic ones: orchids.



Orchids are highly ornamental pieces that can truly bring sophistication and opulent beauty into a home. If your mom loves decorating the house often or is into various interior design ideas, an orchid box will be a delightful gift for her to explore new home looks.


Here are some idea inspirations for Mom to freshen up the home with her new orchid plant:


  1. Hanging - hang the orchid box from the ceiling using casual hanging plant hooks to create from casual patio-styles to luxury looks

  2. On the shelf - the orchid flowers come in a flower box that makes it easy for Mom to place on any surface in the home, like on a console table or by the windowsill

  3. Planters - easily repot the lovely orchid plant into a planter or flower pot - so that she gets to enjoy its beauty for a long time


#4 For a fizzy celebration

The festivity doesn’t end at flowers when it comes to our classy floral gift hampers: The Queen’s Blossom Floral Box and Smoke & Mirrors x Petite Fleur.


The Queen’s Blossom Floral Box features the classic mother’s day flowers, carnations. Carnations were given by Anna Marie Jarvis to her mother, who served the wounded soldiers in the American Civil war - as a way of expressing her admiration and remembrance of her. This originated the special occasion that we celebrate even today. Aside from carnation flowers, the gift hamper also comes with The Marmalade Pantry’s rich chocolate gift box and a bottle of Sandara Chardonnay & Sake sparkling wine to excite your Mother’s Day celebrations.




 The Smoke & Mirrors x Petite Fleur gift hamper is arranged with delicate seasonal blooms and beautifully bottled, limited edition cocktails: Aphrodite's Wine, Almost Cider, and Bananas in a Glass, best served over ice. Whilst we offer same-day flower delivery on all other bouquets from our online store, this special gift set must be ordered by 6 May 2021, 5pm - so best get your hands on it while you can!




#5 For everyday appreciation


As we love to say, everyday is mother’s day. To extend your Mother’s Day festivities this year, switch it up from a single bouquet of flowers to a four-week premium vase flower subscription of customisable blooms. Your mom will be receiving alluring vases of uniquely handcrafted fresh flowers for a month from Mother’s Day - a vase will be delivered to her home each week, whilst the old vase will be collected when a new one arrives. 




To really surprise her, let us know her favourite flowers and colours when you make your order on our online store. Otherwise, leave it to us to curate the most enchanting arrangements for Mom to delight in.


Petite Fleur is a leading online florist in Singapore, selling bespoke flower arrangements made only from premium blooms.  Get the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day by simply browsing our online store and making a quick order. We offer same-day delivery on all our arrangements, except when stated otherwise. Shop with us today!