$450 is the price for one month's subscription and there will only be 1 additional delivery charge of $10 at the check out page.


Flower vase will be delivered every week and flowers will vary according to the season. Vases will be colelcted back upon next flower delivery.


For subsequent month, we will be sending you a payment link and you can choose to continue the subscription or not.


We will drop you a personal email after you have placed your order to confirm the following details and arrange your weekly delivery:

- Favorite flowers and flowers to avoid (if any)

- Favorite color palette and color palette to avoid (if any)

- Preferred day of delivery (if you have no preference, flower vase will be delivered every Monday by default)

- Preferred time of delivery (if you have no preference, flower vase will be delivered between 10am-5pm by default)


Each arrangement is an individual made specially and exclusively for you. Final product may not resemble picture shown entirely. 

Premium Vase Subscription (4 Weekly Vase)

  • Fresh flowers flourish under cool conditions. Replace water in vase frequently to extend its vitality.


    Hydrangeas are especially sensitive and require more care. Frequent change of clean water is essential.




(*For purchases made before 3pm)

We only have two delivery slots available (between 10-5pm and 5-9pm)

+65 9270 8473