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Add on - Heart Balloon Bouquet

  • $48.00

Add this Heart Foil Customizable Balloon Bouquet to complement our floral arrangements!

This bouquet of balloon consists of:

  • 1 Heart Customizable Foil Balloon
  • 4 matching 11″ plain latex balloons
  • Weight
  • Font Text Colour: Black 

Do note that the helium balloon has a lifespan of 6-8 hours, and the foil balloon 1-2 days.


Available Options


  • Do place balloons in a cool environment (but not too cold as the balloons would seem slightly smaller)
  • Do treat the balloons with gentle care
  • Do keep balloons away from high heat, rough surfaces and sharp objects
  • Do opt for collection/delivery 1-2 hours before your celebration to ensure that they look their best. It is not recommended to opt for delivery/collection for more than 2 hours before your celebration.


  • Don’t place latex balloons in direct sunlight (placing latex balloons in direct sunlight will turn your balloons cloudy fast)
  • Don’t leave balloons in the car without the air-condition turned on
  • Don’t place in the car boot
  • Don’t assert large force on the balloons
  • Don’t place balloons where there are very strong winds