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Say it with roses: How To pick the perfect rose bouquet


The classic red rose is known and adored around the world as a symbol of true love - and so, it is not surprising that roses are the most popular blooms on Valentine’s Day, sought after by lovers looking to express something heartfelt on this occasion. Many other dates also call for the red roses, such as a romantic evening of candlelit dinner, a beautiful surprise proposal, or a heart-fluttering confession of love to someone dear. Roses seep with wonderful meaning, myth and magic - every type of rose or a lavish bouquet of any number of roses says something special. That’s why, we share tips on how you can say it right with roses on your next romantic occasion! 


Symbol of the red rose


The rose as a symbol of love springs from the Greek mythology of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, finding her lover, Adonis, mortally wounded by a wild boar. As she weeps over him, her tears mix with his blood, and when they fall onto the ground, from it grows a red rose bush. Aphrodite’s love and beauty thus became represented by the red rose. 


Until today, the rose is still used widely as a symbol of passion and romance, be it in movies, books, or festivities. In the 1998 film, “You’ve Got Mail”, Kathleen Kelly finds herself falling in love with a man she met over email. When they finally decide to meet for the first time, he agrees to recognise her through a book with a single stalk of red rose placed between its pages. In the warm-lit scene of the coffeehouse, a book set on the table, the rose contributes to a wonderful story of mysterious romance.


Counting the roses


Of all the flowers, roses express the greatest sentiments according to how many are present in a bouquet. Whether one rose, a bouquet of three, or a hundred, each has a unique meaning that can say much about how you feel to a special someone.


  • One stalk of rose means love at first sight, and they are the perfect flower to give on a first date or when confessing your love to someone for the first time. It can also mean complete devotion, saying “all of my affections are yours alone”.

  • Three roses say “I love you”. A beautiful bouquet of three is most often given on anniversaries as a celebration of true love. Our 3 Roses - “I Love You” bouquet features three deep red garden roses, complete with smaller, white spray roses and delicate stalks of filler flowers for a more magical surprise. 

  • 24 roses are an elegant way to tell your loved one, “I’m yours”. 

  • 36 roses sing to the romantic tune of “I’m head over heels in love with you”. For a couple that has been together for a while, a lavish bouquet of 36 red roses is a wonderful way to celebrate your feelings for one another - just like the first time. 

  • 99 roses, the grandest rose bouquet of all, means that you will love them till the day you die. It is a lovely way to express devotion, especially on a beautiful occasion like a marriage proposal.


Through rose-coloured lenses


Aside from the number of roses, colours also have a unique meaning. The classic dark red rose represents deep love, but a brighter red one may signify a more flirtatious romance.




Pink roses are telling of grace, elegance, and appreciation. Thus, an arrangement like Petite Fleur’s Emotion rose bouquet that is crafted with magenta, pink, and light pink roses is a perfect gift to be delivered to a lover on any ordinary day. Or, to a friend to show your appreciation.


Emotion Rose Bouquet


White roses represent marriage or spirituality, which is why they are most often used as wedding decor or in bridal bouquets. When placed amongst other coloured roses or flowers, however, they brighten up the bouquet and turn it into a unique surprise. The Geraldine floral arrangement, for instance, is made with lilac hydrangeas and complete with pure white garden roses. 


The Geraldine Floral  Arrangement


  • Yellow roses used to mean jealousy and infidelity - a rather curious expression to be made with flowers as beautiful as roses. Fortunately, yellow roses today are a celebration of friendship and cheer. 

  • Orange roses signify passion and enthusiasm. 

  • Blue roses represent uniqueness and something special. That’s because blue is the rarest colour found in flowers around the world.

  • Lavender roses are a gentle way to express your romantic feelings to a person you love.


Should dark red roses be the only flowers you send every romantic date, you can consider mixing things up with a little splash of colour and new types of flowers. The Rose Haze floral bouquet features gorgeous fresh garden roses and peony manta roses amidst a scatter of oxypetalum, purple tulips, and giggling daisies. It is a refreshing and cheerful way to say that you love them, on these special occasions.


Rose Haze Floral Bouquet


All in all 


Special occasions can come with some pressure, especially if you are dating someone new. At the start of a relationship, little gestures like sending a text at the end of the night or surprising your love with a bouquet can mean a lot. The flowers you give, the number of roses, and the colour of the bouquet might also mean more in a new relationship. That’s why, it’s best to avoid giving yellow roses to a person you’ve just begun dating, as it might communicate interest in pursuing only a friendship.


For more seasoned lovers, feel free to freshen things up with new colours and flowers - so that you get to enjoy new experiences together in your relationship. Swapping red roses for generous hydrangeas or plump peonies could be a beautiful way to share your love. Or, take it from twenty-four roses back to three to say a simple but true, “I love you”. 


A handy tip? Buy your rose bouquet from a florist that offers same-day delivery in Singapore all year round, even on special occasions like Valentine’s. Say it best with fresh roses, delivered just in time to your loved one, on your next dreamy date!


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