Floral Bouquet Singapore | How to Choose Your Wedding Bouquet?

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Say I Do with the Perfect Wedding Bouquet


One of the most adored elements of any wedding is the bride’s most beautiful wedding bouquet. The bridal bouquet is far from forgotten in any wedding – people still remember Princess Diana’s generously cascading arrangement of white gardenias, orchids, freesias and lily of the valley, and Kate Moss’s simple dusty pink and white vintage rose posy she held on her special day. Even better, crafting the perfect floral bouquet for your wedding is a fun and special process if you know how to go about it. That’s why, we share our best bridal bouquet tips with you!


1. Personalise your bouquet

While there are so many beautiful flowers to choose from, use flowers that hold precious meaning to you to make the bouquet all the more alluring in your sight.


Take a trip down memory lane

Certain flowers cradle intimate memories that mark the milestones in your relationship, like the white calla lilies your fiancé held in his hands as he got down on one knee in his proposal to you. Or, his rose delivery mishap that you both laughed about on your first Valentine’s Day. Consider including these flowers into your bridal bouquet, so that they breathe a reminder of treasured memories as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day.


Personalized floral bouquet in Singapore


Make a wish for the future

Since every flower embodies special meaning, you can also pick your flowers based on a hope for your marriage: innocence as represented by baby’s breath, peonies for a happy marriage, tulips for love and passion, and so on.

Altogether, your bridal bouquet can be much more than just a pleasing arrangement to the eye – it can also hold sentiments close to your heart on your wedding day.

Read more about each flower’s meaning: All you need to know about floral bouquets


Flowers in Season


2. Find flowers in seasons

Florists in Singapore have flowers imported from around the world, meaning that some are seasonal flowers – available only during certain months in the year. For example, calla lilies are most in season from February to May then again in October and November; tulips bloom from January to April, hydrangeas from April to August, and peonies, May to September.

Check with your florist what flowers will be available on your wedding day, in order to plan for the freshest blooms in season!


Season flower bouquet in Singapore


3. Consider your wedding theme

Your flowers should match the theme and colour scheme of your wedding, for a cohesive overall style. For instance, a majestic King Protea bouquet will perfectly complement a tropical-themed or desert-style wedding, if arranged with rustic orange and red flowers. Or, if paired with pastel pink and white blooms, work well for a softer, vintage-styled wedding. Alternatively, for an outdoor or white-themed wedding, natural green and white colours will look just breath-taking.

Multiple colour palettes can be used to create different vibes for even the same type of flowers, so find one that matches your wedding theme just right!


wedding theme flower bouquet in Singapore


4. Size and style matter

The size and style of your bouquet depend on your wedding dress’ details.

Smaller, simpler hand-tied bouquets go great with wedding gowns that have lots of detail in the front. This way, the flowers bring out the intricacies of your gown, rather than steal the spotlight away from it. On the other hand, larger, fancier bouquets work well to balance out a dress with elaborate details in the back (such as a cascading bouquet of feminine lilies). Indeed, cascading bouquets best compliment fitted wedding gowns or dresses with plunging necklines. 


size and style flower bouquet in Singapore


You can also consider loosely arranged bouquets with flowers that stick out wildly and whimsically instead of following a neat spherical shape. These bouquets add a splash of style and elegance that are fitting for any simple or plain wedding dress!

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