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Flower power - All you need to know about floral bouquets.


 A flower history: the language of flowers

It’s undeniable, people love flowers! The act of sending flowers as an expression of one’s emotions or sentiments is not new to us and has been around since ancient times. From ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, flowers were already used to represent love, power, and remembrance – not too different from how we use flowers today.

In the Victorian era, flowers were used to convey even more precise meanings: to give white roses to someone was to let them know you were worthy of their love; the ‘la France’ rose was a way to request your lover reserve a date to meet you by moonlight. As if that were not enough, in 19th Century Europe, nearly 150 floriography dictionaries were published, all detailing the meanings of every individual flower. Flowers, then and now, speak a whimsical language of their own.

Flowers in Season

Surely, more than beautiful to look at, flowers give us a way to express our emotions through something other than words. Are you longing to pursue the person of your dreams? Send them a single red rose. Sharing in the grief of a friend who has lost a loved one? Express your sorrow and sympathy with a bouquet of white lilies. Bursting with congratulations over the proud achievements of the one you adore? Say no more, celebrate with a bright bouquet of sunflowers.

Flowers have an important place in Singapore and every other part of the world as a language of love. Hey, the next time someone asks you what languages you speak, you can toss in “flower” as one of them.

    1. What floral bouquets should I get for different occasions?

Since unique meanings are associated with each type of flower, you should find out what each flower means to best express your love in different occasions. If you give a flower in the wrong place or at the wrong time, you’ll likely feel rather embarrassed! Imagine going to a funeral in Singapore with a happy bouquet of sunflowers or giving your colleague a single stalk of red rose… that’s going to bring you some trouble.

Take a peek into what each flower means today, so you can send the right floral bouquet to your loved ones for any occasion in Singapore:


Premium Roses with Gypsophila

Red roses. These dark red blooms express the deepest of love and romance, and are a favourite gift for Valentine’s Day, candle-lit dinner dates, anniversaries.

For all you romantics, a single stalk of red rose is perfect for you to say to your receiver, “you’re my love at first sight”. If you’ve watched the classic movie “You’ve Got Mail” (1998), two individuals living separate lives meet through email correspondence, and little by little find themselves falling in love. Drawn to meet one another face-to-face, they arrange to meet in a café. A cosy warm-lit coffee shop scene, Kathleen Kelly sits waiting, book on the table with a single rose stalk between its pages. He was to recognise her by that book and that single rose. Indeed, what tingling expression of love that was to be at literal first sight.

The Book and The Single Rose

Three red roses, “I love you”; six red roses, “I want to be yours”; twenty-four, “You’re always on my mind” – well, any more than that, you don’t need a number to show how much this person means to you. From single stalks to extravagant bouquets of roses, shop the most romantic roses online in Singapore, and have them delivered as a romantic surprise to the one your love!


  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversaries
  • Proposals
  • Romantic dates
  • Birthdays


Petite Fleur Sunflower Bouquet

Bright yellow sunflowers - the happy symbol of adoration and loyalty. A bouquet of these smiling, big-headed flowers is just the perfect gift to cheer a friend up or present as an exciting burst of congratulations for a graduation. They also can be a refreshing switch from roses to express your adoration of your loved one.


  • Graduation
  • Performances
  • Cheer up gift for a loved one

Baby’s breath

Baby’s Breath Bouquet Singapore

These dreamy clouds of small, white flowers can represent purity, innocence, and sincerity – and they do well for just about any occasion. Other than being filler-flowers for many flower bouquets, they can hold the stage on their own, which means that you can grace a friend with a white cloud of baby breath for events like baby showers, birthdays, and christenings. The innocence of these lovely blooms also makes them popular for wedding decorations!


  • Baby showers
  • Birthdays
  • Christenings
  • Weddings


Tulips may appear a modest flower, but they actually embody a rich array of meanings, from deep love to royalty. These nodding tulip heads bloom in a rainbow of colours: red, orange, yellow - each colour representing a sentiment suitable for unique occasions!

Red tulips are used to express deep and passionate love – perhaps not so royal as the red rose, but just as true. For those who want to escape the mainstream, a red tulip bouquet makes a great alternative to a red rose one. As the blooming of tulips also indicates the first arrival of spring, red tulips are often given on an 11th wedding anniversary, to welcome the beginning of a new decade as husband and wife. These refreshingly gorgeous blooms are just perfect for all great loves.


Orange tulips express joy and enthusiasm, and make a sincere gift of appreciation for either a friend or a partner. Yellow, representing jealousy in the past, now is associated with friendship. Yellow tulips thus make a cheerful gift for celebrations, congratulations, perk-me-up or thank you to family or friends.

Lavender Magic Tulips

Typically, tulip bouquets are complete with only tulip stalks – sending a statement that is sincere and true. If you prefer more royal or feminine tulip bouquets, you can also find them handcrafted with other flowers like hydrangeas, peonies and other filler flowers, for a more formal or important occasion!


  • Valentine’s Day
  • 11th wedding anniversary
  • Gift of appreciation, congratulations, thanks to family or friends

Altogether, flowers are a great way to express your support in any significant occasion, both good and bad. Giving the right flowers in the right situations can bring great comfort, and help your loved one feel acknowledged and appreciated. You also can’t go wrong surprising a loved one with their favourite flowers on any other ordinary day - just as good a day to make your loved one feel extra loved!

Looking for the perfect bouquet? Petite Fleur’s lovingly handcrafted floral bouquets make a generous gift of love. Easily browse our selection of rose, sunflower, tulip, lilies bouquets and more on our online store, and send these flowers straight to your loved one for a joyful surprise.

Take care of your blooms, and they’ll take care of you!

3.1 Tips for longer lasting flower bouquets

Just as flowers make a loving gift for your loved ones, they make a pleasant gift for yourself too. Whether a fresh floral bouquet has been graced upon you from a person you love, or you’ve decided to #treatyourself, taking proper care of your flowers will keep them fresh and flourishing – allowing you to relish in their beautiful blooms for a longer time. As we say, take care of your blooms and they’ll take care of you; here, we share the greatest tips for longer-lasting flower bouquets:

  1. Prepare your vase

Preparing the right vase well not only reinforces a lovely floral arrangement, but it also keeps your flowers fresh and pleasant for longer!


Choosing a tall or short vase does not depend so much on the length of the flower stems as it does on the size and weight of each bloom. Bigger and heavier blooms should be trimmed and placed in a shorter vase, so that the stems can support the weight and flowers can lean on one another to provide better support. Lighter blooms can be placed in taller vases.

Floral Box Arrangement

Be sure not to squeeze too many flowers into a vase and cause overcrowding, as flowers will wilt quickly without enough space and water. If you have a large bouquet, split it up into two separate vases to provide your flowers with a roomy home.


Make sure to clean your vase thoroughly before placing your flowers in it, as bacteria in dirty vases will cause the stems to rot quicker. You clean your vase by filling it with hot, soapy water and leaving it to sit for about 10 minutes. Scrub and rinse the vase out, and it will be clean and ready to welcome your fresh blooms.

  1. Cut the stems

Before placing your flowers into a vase, trim 1 – 2 inches off the bottom of each stem. You should cut the stems diagonally so that, with the larger surface area, the flowers can take in water more easily. Use garden shears, a sharp pair of kitchen scissors or clean kitchen knife to do this, so that you don’t tear away or damage the stems while trimming them. Every few days, remove your flowers to retrim the stems so that they stay nice and fresh.

  1. Prune extra leaves

Extra leaf-pruning is so important – you want to trim away the leaves that will be inside the water in the vase. If the leaves are left in the water, they will die and cause bacteria to grow. Every day, check your vase for dead leaves or foliage that has fallen into the water and remove them.  

  1. Fill vase with water

To keep your flowers flourishing, you can do better than just filling your vase with water from the tap. Room temperature tap water is good for your flowers, but adding ingredients like flower food is key to giving your flower with the nutrients that they need to stay alive. Fill your vase to three quarters its height with room temperature water before mixing in the flower food.

Florists in Singapore might provide flower food when you buy a vase of flowers from them, but if you’ve received the bouquet as a gift, you can easily pick up some flower food from any florist or plant nursery. If you’re buying a vase of flowers from an online florist, request for some flower food when you make your order, and they will be happy to send you what you need. 

  1. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, heat, and fruit

Flowers thrive better in a cool room and away from sunlight. Place your flowers away from windows and in the shade. You should also avoid putting your flowers near heat-generating appliances like the stove, cooker, televisions or computers. Ripening fruits release a gas called ethylene that will cause the flowers to age and wilt faster.

To most effectively maintain the life of your flowers, put them in the fridge every night before you go to bed, and then take them out for display again in the morning. Flowers will last longest in cool temperatures – which is why you find florists in Singapore keeping their bouquets in a refrigerated environment.

Fresh Flower Vase Arrangement

Unfortunately, even with the best care, fresh flowers will wilt eventually. You can consider options like ordering a flower vase subscription from an online florist in Singapore, so that you’ll always be energised by the newest fresh flower arrangements delivered to your home. With our tips, delight in fresh flowers all day, every day!

Love the feel of fresh flowers in your home? Order our Premium Vase Subscription online for a four-week weekly delivery of fresh flowers of your choice to your home in Singapore. Each arrangement is handcrafted specially and exclusively for you!

3.2 Caring for dried and preserved flower bouquets (dried flowers bouquet)


Love a paler, more vintage look for your flowers, or just can’t stand to toss your wilted flowers away? Dried and preserved flower bouquets are surely your go-to. These flowers can be kept for months on end, and some even for years. Preserved flowers are fresh flowers that have undergone treatment to preserve their original shape, colour, and texture – although many choose paler-coloured flowers for these arrangements, to enjoy an elegant, timeless style. Dried flowers, instead, are hung upside down to dry and can be kept beautiful for a long time too.

Dried and preserved flower bouquets don’t require as much care as fresh flower bouquets, but they still need minimal steps to stay in good shape for as long as possible. Here are some steps you can take to keep your whimsical bouquets in tip-top condition! 

Avoid water

While fresh flowers need water to live, dried and preserved flowers certainly do not. Place your flowers away from window or wet areas like the kitchen or toilets so that they don’t get wet. Moisture on these flowers will encourage mould to grow, and you’ll end up with a bouquet fluffier than what you got in the first place.

Low humidity

Since contact with water causes mould to grow on your flowers, a humid environment isn’t the best for them too. If you place your flowers in a room where you’re turning on and off your air conditioner repeatedly, condensation on your flowers may also damage them and shorten their life. Best to keep your flowers inside the house, in a room with stable temperature and low humidity!

Away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight will affect the colour and shape of your dried or preserved flowers, drying them more than they already are. To keep your preserved flowers supple and fresh-looking, put them in a nicely-lit area, but away from the windows.

Fragile to the touch

It’s not a good idea to touch your dried or preserved flowers – dried flowers are especially brittle to the touch, crumbling easily if you touch them. To clean your flowers, you can use a hairdryer at low temperature and fan settings to gently off the dust. You can also use a soft brush to lightly dust your flowers.

Overall, dried and preserved flower bouquets are a magical way to preserve a precious memory – like a faded polaroid picture, or crumpled movie ticket. Save your best memories for a long, long time by caring for your enchanting bouquets!

Dried and preserved roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers – you name it. Our timeless floral bouquets are available in a wide selection of beautiful blooms. Available for same day delivery, send your everlasting love with our dried and preserved flower bouquets today.

Your helpful guide to sending flowers online in Singapore

4.1 Steps for ordering flowers online

With online florists in Singapore, you can now get your favourite flower bouquets easily delivered to your doorstep or a loved one’s home. At Petite Fleur, we offer same day delivery for all our flowers. As long as you make your order before 3pm, you can receive or have your loved one receive them on the very same day. Ordering your flowers with us is simple, these are the 5 quick steps:

  1. Browse our online shop

Our bouquets are categorised according to events: Valentine’s Day, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, Sympathy, Graduation etc. so that you don’t have to worry about whether your flowers are suitable for the occasion. You can also browse our flowers by flower type; whether the classic rose, delicate baby’s breath, luscious hydrangeas, or elegant lilies, you’ll find something just right for you.

  1. Customise

Customised Bouquet Singapore

Some of our in-shop bouquets are customisable. When you make an order, simply let us know your preferred flowers and colours in the order form and we’ll fit them right into the arrangement for a personalised gift. You can also order a fully personalised arrangement by sending us an email at [email protected] with a brief description of any of the following:

  • Budget
  • Colour Palette
  • Size
  • Selection of flowers

We’ll work out the details with you and you’ll have this unique gift in your hands in no time.

Don’t forget to type in a message you want to include in your card if you’re ordering the flowers as a gift. A heartfelt message will compliment a generous bouquet just nicely!

  1. Select your delivery time slot

As you are adding the bouquet to your cart, indicate your preferred delivery date and time slot. We have two time slots available every day, 10am – 5pm and 5pm – 9pm. For orders for same day delivery, kindly note that our florists need at least 4 hours to prepare our best-quality bouquets for you! 

  1. Check out your order

Check out your cart and pay either by credit or debit card. If you prefer paying by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque, you can drop us an email instead.

  1. Await your delivery

Stunning Flowers at Home

All you need to do now is sit back, relax and await your delivery. It’s that easy to make a flower delivery online and just as customisable as ordering at a physical store. You also get to choose from a huge range of arrangements with a quick scroll through the online store. Make a loved one’s day by ordering their favourite flowers in our stunningly arranged bouquets online, here.

4.2 Quick tips to save on flowers for Valentine’s Day in Singapore

Amidst the buzz leading up to special occasions like Valentine’s Day, already pricey flowers in Singapore grow higher in price. Overseas, farmers are getting ready to grow and harvest the large number of roses that are in high demand on the 14th of February. From countries like Holland, roses are delicately transported into Singapore using more cargos than usual. Florists in Singapore work quicker and harder to get stunning Valentine rose bouquets ready for you to send as a heartfelt expression of love to a special someone.  

Gorgeous Red Bouquet

Growing, harvesting, importing, and the extra work put in by florists are factors that contribute to the high prices of roses on the rose-coloured date. Psst, there are things you can do to save on flower delivery for Valentine’s Day – we share some secrets so that you can send a gorgeous bouquet at a lower price this next special day!

  1. Replace the rose

Hydrangea Flowers Bouquet

Roses are the most expensive flowers because they are the most highly in demand on Valentine’s Day. Instead, choose other flowers to express just as romantic a gesture.   

Our recommendation for this season is the beautiful, gentle hydrangea flowers. Hydrangeas grow in bunches of tinier flowers, so each stalk is large and voluminous. Meaning that you can have more, for less. These flowers are elegant, representing appreciation and heartfelt emotion – a perfect flower to show your love and appreciation to your special someone. With these graceful flowers, you steer clear of the mainstream, surprise them with something a little different, and get to save on the high costs of flowers this season.

  1. Order early

Valentine's Day Bouquet

Making an early order, the earlier the better, can save you up to $30 in costs compared to if you order on Valentine’s Day itself. With the flood of last-minute orders on the day itself, florists usually have to hire extra hands to get all bouquets prepared in time, and you pay for the extra costs. The early bird gets the worm - make your orders in early January to avoid the unnecessary Valentine’s prices!

  1. Opt for flowers to be delivered before 14th Feb

Having your flowers delivered one or two days before Valentine’s Day can save you up to $10 or more. You can keep the flowers that have been delivered to you in the fridge for the night, and they’ll still be freshly blooming when you share them with the one you love on Valentine’s Day!

Petite Fleur is an online florist in Singapore that offers same day delivery for all our beautiful floral bouquets. Our elegant flower arrangements are lovingly handcrafted by our passionate team of florists and made exclusively for you. Let us deliver the freshest flowers you deserve - order from our online store today.