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Match flowers to your home interior with these five tips


There’s no better way to decorate a home than with lovely bouquets of beautiful blooms. Whilst interior design styles have changed over the years, flowers have always been a timeless addition to any home, up till today. The elements in a flower arrangement, like colour, size, shape, vase, create a unique aesthetic for different interior styles; bringing the right elements together can truly elevate your space from plain to spectacular. To help you match flowers to your house in Singapore, we share five things to consider when decorating with blooms!


1. Flowers

Did you know that different blooms bring out unique interior design styles? Flowers dressed with gorgeous layers of petals have a softer, textured look that goes well with traditional interiors - these include hydrangeas, peonies, and roses. Modern and contemporary interiors are characterised by clean lines and minimalistic design that match beautifully with sculptural flowers including orchids, cotton, or pampas grass.


Orchid Petite Fleur Signature Round Box


Aside from choosing flowers according to your home’s theme, you can also create fresh styles with seasonal blooms: lovely tulips and peonies in May, gorgeous roses and hydrangeas in June, elegant lilies in July, or happy sunflowers in August. Should you want your blooms to decorate your home for a longer time, then dried and preserved flowers are a perfect choice; they look as beautiful and natural as fresh flowers, yet promise to last the years to come.


Vase Arrangement of Dried & Preserved Flowers


2. Colours

The shades in your floral bouquet easily add a new splash of colour to your home, without you having to switch your furniture palette or work hard to re-paint your walls.


That’s why, instead of choosing only colours that match your home’s palette exactly, mix it up with colours that complement. Neutral-coloured bouquets can go well with brightly coloured walls, or blush pink shades in the room accentuated with a deeper, darker pink. For a more eclectic style, you can use complementary colours such as orange blooms to match turquoise walls, or pink roses in a light green room. Tie your home’s interior design together by incorporating colours that can be found in some parts of the room - like purple lavenders that go in harmony with a lilac footstool.


Purple Lavender Bouquet Arrangement


3. Size

Have your flower arrangements stand out in style by choosing them in proportion to the size of your home. Tall, floral bouquets like Petite Fleur's Cafe Latte Rose Arrangement, complements larger homes with tall ceilings; whereas shorter bouquets, like the Kenyan Rose and Euphorbia Marginata Round Arrangement, fit comfortably with a smaller and cosier home.


Besides size, the shape of your bouquet also alters a space aesthetically. Full, dense and rounder arrangements, for instance, create a traditional look compared to twisting, whimsical arrangements that embody a modern style.


Peony Magic in a Box


If there are a lot of other surrounding elements, like picture frames, artwork, and ornaments on the sideboard, don’t add clutter with a complex combination of blooms. Surprise yourself with the simplicity of a smaller arrangement, or even a single stalk of a flower. Plain areas, on the other hand, deserve large, generous bouquets to fill the room and finish the space.


4. Vase

Style your flowers from petal to stalk by holding them in the right vase. Crystal vases elegantly show off the entire length of the blooms including the branches, plus sparkle just right under natural lighting. With graceful marble pattern, matt black and gold, and pastel pink designs available, floral boxes also flaunt sophistication - at the same time making it effortless for you to enjoy. Simply appreciate the fresh blooms in your home just the way they came, without having to go into the trouble of transferring them into an appropriate vase.




5. Placement

From coffee tables to bedside chairs, floral bouquets can be placed almost anywhere to brighten a room. Imagine a textured bouquet placed on a smooth glass coffee table to create eye-catching contrast or a long dining table lined down the middle with multiple vases of fresh blooms as perfect centrepieces. Your bedside table could do with an alluring round bouquet, shorter than the height of your lamp to style a dreamy balance, whilst the open shelves in your home will be snazzed up with identical small succulents or flowers placed on various ledges.


Succulents or Flowers Placed on Various Ledges


Petite Fleur is an online florist in Singapore that offers exquisite floral arrangements crafted with fresh, premium blooms. Order our four-week flower subscription for personalised floral vases designed just for you, to be delivered to your home once a week for a month. Treat yourself to gorgeous arrangements with us today!