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How to Pick the Right Flowers for Any Occasion


Like roses representing love, and sunflowers signifying happiness, flowers can speak a thousand words! More than expressing familiar meanings, flowers are also closely related to unique occasions - birthdays, dates, anniversaries, and get well wishes. Gifting a simple bouquet of tulips on your first few dates, for instance, shows your interest in pursuing this relationship further but also keeps it light and casual. To help you speak your thousand words with flowers, here’s our guide to picking the right flowers for every occasion:

Valentine’s Day

Red roses express gallantly deep love and romance, which is why they are the popular choice for lovers on Valentine’s Day. But what do you do if you’ve just started dating and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? Lavender coloured roses signify enchantment, making them a suitable flower to give your date in the early days of your relationship.

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On the other hand, if you’ve already celebrated many Valentine’s with your partner, you might want to send a new variety of flowers for a refreshing dose of romance. Hydrangeas represent love, grace, beauty, and many-petalled peonies stand for love and romance; both of these flowers are just breathtakingly beautiful and are a good choice to pleasantly surprise the one you love.


Early dates are tricky because you don’t want to express too much keenness when you don’t yet know where the relationship is going. While first-date flowers are pretty much out of the picture in Singapore’s dating scene today, giving your date flowers after having gone out a few times is a sweet, thoughtful gesture if you do it right.


Orchids, daisies, dandelions and pink tulips are great flowers to express your interest and sincerity, without being too overbearing. You might want to stay away from yellow flowers because they express friendship more than courtship - and you certainly don’t want your date to get the wrong idea!


No matter the number of years the two of you have been together, your love deserves to be celebrated with flowers.

Carnations are just right for a first anniversary, a symbol of budding and passionate love. For three years together filled with joy and laughter, send a cheerful sunflower bouquet to celebrate the happiness in your relationship and indicate your loyalty.

Calla lilies are the flowers for a sixth anniversary, as they represent purity and faithfulness. These flowers are often used for weddings and in bridal bouquets; as you give your love a fresh calla lily bouquet, look back and remember the very first time you made your commitment in marriage!


When you’re 12 years in and enjoying the finer things in life together, send a generous bouquet of peonies to wish your partner abundance and happy marriage. At your decade and a half anniversary, how can you leave out red roses? Red roses, gifted during the sweetest occasions and heart-quickening candle-lit dates in the past, can be given again to honour your love that is true and everlasting.

30 years into your marriage, you’ve probably been through great ups and downs together, so the lily is a beautiful flower to give as a symbol of rebirth and hats-off to new beginnings.



Did you know that there’s a flower for each birth month? Send your friend a bouquet of their birth flowers in their favourite colour as a sweet, special surprise. You don’t always have to stick to a birth flower -- lilies, tulips, sunflowers, hydrangeas, baby’s breath, ranunculus are all lovely birthday gifts both for friends or a partner. Or, find out their favourite flower and colours and order a personalised bouquet to send to their doorstep.

Florists in Singapore do allow you to make customisable bouquets, so you can easily create the perfect birthday bouquet for that special day!




It’s never easy to express your sympathies to a person who is grieving, but flowers make it a lot easier to send your condolences without needing to say much. In Singapore, it is most common to send lilies, chrysanthemums or roses in white to a grieving family. Use a flower stand to communicate your deep sympathy; or, if it is for a close friend, it’s also appropriate to send a smaller bouquet to their home.

Get Well Soon

Flowers have proven to lift the mood and help with quick recovery! Sending cheerful flowers as a hearty get well soon is always a superb idea. If the person is recovering in a hospital, send flowers that are milder in scent, like tulips, baby’s breath or hydrangeas.


For a home recovery, you are free to send any vibrantly coloured flowers you wish! Lavender is known for its soothing and relaxing scent, sunflowers for their cheerfulness, and orange, red, yellow flowers just inspire feelings of happiness. Other than flower bouquets, you can also send flower vases, potted plants, or mini succulents to brighten the room and encourage a smooth recovery.

Now that you know what flowers fit well with different occasions, gift a fresh flower bouquet to the ones you love to express your heartfelt sentiments!

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