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Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients Will Be Grateful For



Sending a corporate gift to your clients is a good way to show appreciation for the support they have given your company. Apart from that, there are other benefits like strengthening and growing relationships and being an inexpensive way to boost morale during difficult times. 

However, it is challenging to find something that will make your company stand out from the crowd with so many options available. If you have no idea, here are some corporate gift recommendations that will surely delight your recipients. 

1. Floral boxes

Flowers in a Box


Floral bouquets are not just meant for lovers or friends. In fact, to bring it up a notch, gifting flowers in a box is a unique way to brighten your client’s day! 

These floral boxes come in a variety of designs and options, and the best part is they come paired with additional details to go hand in hand with different occasions. For instance, if you are planning on congratulating your client on his or her new venture, gifting a floral box like our Moet & Chandon Champagne Impérial Box can represent popping a bottle of champagne with your recipient to celebrate the occasion. 

Or get our Hot Air Balloon - Baby Gift Set which comes with essentials for a newborn to emphasise the fact that your company cares about your client on a personal level. 

2. Floral stands

Congratulation Floral Stand


Floral boxes are great for gifting on a more personal note but if you are looking for something more extravagant, we suggest getting your client a floral stand instead. 

These are especially popular when celebrating a grand opening and often seen as a symbolisation of blessing so that your client’s new business will prosper. 

Get our Fancy Floral Stand with “CONGRATS” gold foil balloons to make the occasion a moment to remember. 

3. Flowers in a vase

Floral Bouquet in a Vase

Floral bouquets that are beautifully wrapped may seem like the perfect choice when gifting flowers but your clients will probably feel even more thankful if they receive the blooms in a vase. 

Flowers in a vase allow greater convenience as there is no need to transfer them from one bouquet to another vase. This gives your client the impression that your company is thoughtful because even a minute detail like that has been taken care of for him or her. 

You can even opt for dried flowers in a vase, like our Gossypium Vase Arrangement so they last longer - constantly putting your company at the forefront of your client’s mind.