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Benefits Of Having Flowers By Your WFH Desk



Work-from-home arrangements have been a thing ever since the pandemic but spending hours working in an environment meant for resting and unwinding sometimes blurs the line between professional and personal life. While working from home can be dreary, there is no need to fret because there are ways to make it less stressful and mundane. 

Adding floral bouquets to your home office desk is one of the easiest ways to liven up the atmosphere and can even help you to feel more motivated. 

Here are some benefits of having flowers by your desk so that working from home can be more enjoyable. 

Reduces stress and anxiety 

Benefits Of Having Flowers By Your WFH Desk


Like plants, flowers are also capable of reducing stress and anxiety. This is all thanks to their calming colours and scents that can help with chasing the blues away. Even the act of receiving or purchasing flowers can brighten your mood! Just like how buying things you like makes you happy, having floral bouquets that are pleasing to the eye on your desk will soothe your mood and greatly reduce stress.

Adds a pop of colour to your home office

Sunflower Bouquet in Singapore

Apart from benefitting you mentally, having flowers by your work-from-home desk also adds a much-needed pop of colour which will amp up the aesthetic appeal of your home office. Use the flowers as a backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos or choose the ones that go with your home office’s decor. We suggest a sunflower bouquet which is plentiful in Singapore - bright yellow petals will surely bring a smile to your face and motivate you to work harder when the going gets tough. 

Improves sleep quality

Dried Lavender Flower Bouquet


Flowers like lavender can lower stress and anxiety levels which is why it is often infused into products such as essential oils and pillow sprays. Lavender induces peacefulness and keeps you calm, making it great to have by your work-from-home table. When you are not feeling overwhelmed throughout the day, chances are your sleep quality will improve too when night falls. You can choose to get a dried lavender floral bouquet so that it lasts even longer than fresh ones. It can even which can be repurposed into a dream pillow, where the pillow is filled with dried lavender so that the scent helps to lull you to sleep. 

Promotes a healthier working environment

Floral Box ready for Delivery


We have already covered how flowers help to reduce stress and anxiety, but did you know that they can also promote a healthier working environment? The theory is when you look at beautiful things that uplift your mood, you in turn feel less pressured and happier. A positive attitude will make you more productive and push you to complete your work quickly and effectively so you can say “bye” to working overtime! 

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