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Tulip Flower’s Meaning and History


Tulips are spring flowers that first indicate the thawing of winter and the curious awakening of spring - large, bright, and beautiful, they grow in warm splashes of red, orange, yellow and pink. As Marianne Willamson famously said, “A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn’t have to. It is different.”

Tulips are not like elegant roses nor do they wear the same playfulness as smiling daisies; but there’s just something about a tulip flower that people so adore, and have so loved for centuries. Here’s what more than meets the eye about the lovely springtime tulips!




Did you know that the name “tulip” is thought to be derived from the Persian word dulband, which is equivalent to the Turkish word türbent, or turban? The bright, bobbing flowers were compared to the colourful turbans of Ottoman men worn in the 16th Century, which is how the tulips might have gotten their name. Another explanation could be that the noblemen in Istanbul used to wear tulips on their turbans, and when a translator was asked the name of the flower, he pointed out the name of the turban instead.




It is no surprise that the tulip’s name is so closely associated with turbans of Turkish men in the past. That’s because tulips first grew in Turkey and are widely celebrated there. The flowers were planted in gardens in the city, in palaces, later used as a religious symbol, emblem of royalty, and even emerged as the national flower of Turkey!


Tulips were later brought to Europe where their popularity also soared quickly. You would find the flowers in trimmed gardens of the middle and upper classes. The simple flower we admire today was even exchanged for entire houses and properties in France in the early 17th Century - that’s how valuable the tulip was!


Tulips In A Garden




Today, the tulip flower is a symbol of perfect love. Tulips grow in almost every colour, however, and each coloured tulip boasts a different meaning.


Red tulips tell of passion, love and romance, which is why they are a compelling alternative to roses and can be given on Valentine’s, proposals, or any date with the one you love! Tulips are also indicative of spring’s arrival, which is why tulip bouquets are also regularly given on a couple’s 11th wedding anniversary - to mark the beginning of a new decade together.


Purple tulips exude an image of elegance and royalty, often given on special occasions. They also show thoughtfulness, so a beautiful bouquet of purple tulips makes a sincere gift for a friend who is feeling low. On another note, purple is the appointed colour to represent justice and dignity. That’s why these strong purple flowers are also a wonderful present for the women you adore on International Women’s Day every 8 March.


Purple Tulips Bouquet

 Nothing says an overjoyed congratulations like a bouquet of pretty pink tulips. Associated with happiness and good luck, pink tulip bouquets are given on occasions like baby showers, graduation, and job promotions.

Blue is one of the rarest colours seen on tulips. When you do see a bouquet of blue tulips, they radiate with a sense of peace and restfulness - just the right gift to turn a bad day around. This unique flower also represents individuality!


Blue Tulips Bouquet


Other tulip colours and meanings include: 

  • White for condolences or apology

  • Yellow, representing happiness, cheerfulness and hope, for a get well soon

  • Orange for appreciation


Altogether, tulips are flowers that make a lovely gift, whether in just a simple floral bouquet filled only with tulip flowers or in an arrangement crafted exquisitely with other fresh blooms. Gift your loved one a happy bouquet of tulips on almost any occasion to make their day. 

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