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6 Best Flower Arrangements for Events in Singapore


Fresh flowers have never failed to uplift and bring natural beauty to the simplest and most extravagant of spaces. Dreamy flower decorations have persisted through the generations and continue to breathe life into our special celebrations today! While fresh flowers alone can brighten up any interior, specific flower arrangements can accentuate their beauty and bring precise elegance and style to your event. Prefer a casual, natural themed wedding or birthday? Special flower arrangements will do the trick. Here are 6 different flower arrangements to best fit your dream celebration:

1. Compact


A flower arrangement is compact when all the blooms are trimmed to a similar length, and placed snugly together so that they appear in a dome or spherical-like shape. Although compact, these arrangements can be made up of a charming array of flowers like Kenyan roses, hydrangeas, delicate filler flowers etc. They are a versatile design and suitable for almost any occasion, depending on the blooms used. Compact flower arrangements are also often placed along the middle length of long narrow tables at events, creating a pleasant dining space for friends and family!

2. Loose


Unlike compact arrangements, a looser style has varying lengths of flowers extending from the main sphere of the blooms, exuding a natural, wild, free look and feel. Should your event space have lots of hard, clean lines and symmetry, you can use loosely arranged flower bouquets to break the monotony and infuse more warmth into your space. The wildflower style is just as perfect in casual spaces like outdoors or cosy wood-inspired interiors for that free-spirited, Bohemian look.

3. Single-variety

single variety

Single-variety flower arrangements use only one type of flower consistently throughout the arrangement, but they aren’t boring at all. Using a single variety of flower in a single colour, like a white ranunculus arrangement, creates a classic and timeless feel for your event. Florists can also mix up these single-variety arrangements in terms of colour, length and number of flowers for refreshing, surprising looks in every corner of your event space!

4. Fan


A popular style used by most florists for all occasions, fan-shaped arrangements are crafted such that the flowers open up ravishingly to look like a peacock’s tail. Fan-shaped designs proudly show off the volume and size of the arrangement and are a lovely bouquet to set up at the entrance to your event, welcoming your guests with such majesty.

5. Horizontal


Flowers in this design are spread out low and in a long, rectangular shape - which is why they are named the horizontal arrangement. These bouquets are used to gracefully adorn archways, entrance ways and are also lovely decorative pieces for the sweetheart table at weddings!

6. Triangular


We love a triangular arrangement because its luscious height and base breathe such grandeur, sophistication and beauty into all special occasions. Tall flower bouquets like these are splendid because of their size, and do well at emphasising just how exceptional the occasion is. Our florists in Singapore have specially designed our Two Tier Floral Cake, which is a floral box arrangement stacked in a triangular shape to look like a grand tiered cake - a fitting birthday surprise for a loved one! 

Altogether, whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, proposal or any other special occasion, the perfect arrangements and floral bouquets will certainly enliven your treasured celebrations. If you’re serious about creating that breathtaking wedding or birthday setting, get in touch with a professional florist in Singapore to help you narrow down your options and pick out the best floral designs available for your unique event. Working closely with your florist will enable you to create that beautiful celebration you’ve always dreamed of!

At Petite Fleur, we handcraft bouquets for every occasion using only our premium blooms, elegantly fashioned with an eye for detail. Get in touch with us to create personalised arrangements for your event or shop our online store for most beautiful bouquets fitting for all occasions! Same day delivery available.