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6 Alternatives to Fresh Flower Bouquets in Singapore


A fresh floral bouquet is a great gift for any occasion, be it for a romantic gesture, a soothing get-well-soon, a cheerful perk-me-up, or a birthday surprise. Luckily, fresh bouquets aren’t the only great gifts. Flowers come in other various forms too, such as dried, preserved, or sola wood flowers. and can be adorably paired with accessories like stuffed toys, cards and balloons. This year, spice up your giving with our 6 exciting alternatives to fresh flower bouquets!


1. Dried & preserved flowers


Did you know that the oldest preserved flowers were found intact in a tomb in Egypt, aged over 2000 years old? Today, dried and preserved flowers are popular blooms to give a loved one on special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s, proposals and birthdays – to express the sentiment of a lifetime of cherished memories together.


Dried flowers are made by removing all moisture from fresh flowers through methods like air drying, so that you can enjoy their beauty longer. On the other hand, florists use special chemicals to preserve flowers so that they look and feel almost like fresh flowers, lasting from months up to a year, or longer. Most dried and preserved bouquets exude a dusty, faded, vintage vibe – a lovely change in style from fresh floral bouquets!


Dried flower delivery in Singapore


2. Preserved Flower in Glass Domes


The cosiest of gifts has to be preserved flowers in glass domes: blooms arranged delicately, complete with sprinklings of fairy lights for a heart-warming glow. They can be placed on desks or bedside tables to bring warmth to a room, and make enchanting gifts for your loved ones.


flower in glass dome delivery in Singapore


3. Succulents


If flowers are not their favourite, earthy succulent plants are a vibrant alternative! Succulents, like fresh flowers, have mood-boosting powers, instantly brightening a room with natural beauty and improving the emotional, mental well-being of the people inside it. That’s why succulents make great get-well-soon gifts, wishing a speedy recovery to the ones you love. These plants also do well for plant-lovers during any other occasions like birthdays, thank yous or farewells.


Succulents delivery in Singapore


4. Hot air balloon flowers


Turn any celebration up a notch with these festive hot air balloon flowers! Whether fresh flowers or everlasting flowers, paired with a happy hot air balloon, they invite a whole new stream of cheer to any occasion.


For baby showers, you can even order hot air balloon baby gift sets, consisting of a jolly balloon attached to a basket filled with flowers, stuffed toys, and newborn gifts like baby wipes, muslins and blankets. All our hot air balloon sets allow you to personalise the gift by putting the recipient’s name on the balloon. 


Hot Air Balloon Bouquet in Singapore


5. Floral boxes

Thinking of sending fresh flowers for a cheerful surprise? Instead of a bouquet, you can consider flowers in a box. Fresh flowers are thoughtfully arranged in elegant gift boxes that can be placed around the home, without the recipient needing to shift the flowers into a jar or a vase. This is a super easy and uplifting gift for friends and family – especially for housewarmings, birthdays, and cheering ups.


Floral Boxes Delivery in Singapore


6. Vases and jars

Apart from boxes, vases and jars also make elegant, sophisticated gifts for the recipient – allowing them to enjoy the flowers over a prolonged period within the comfort of their home.


Vase Jar Flower Bouquet in Singapore


7. Floral hoops

Floral hoops are miniature wreaths that are decorated with beautiful fresh flowers and greenery, and often used as an alternative to bridal bouquets. Even on regular occasions, floral hoops make a lovely present and can be hung on the receiver’s doorknob or wall as a charming piece of decor.


Hoop for any Occasion, Fresh Flowers in Singapore.jpg


With so many types of beautiful flower gifts, you’re spoilt for choice on any occasion. Look up online florists in Singapore that offer same-day delivery on your favourite flowers – fresh, dried, preserved, in jars, vases, boxes, paired with hot air balloons and gift sets – to have them delivered to you right on time. Happy flower shopping!

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