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5 Lucky Flowers To Decorate Your Home With, According To Fengshui



Everybody knows how pretty flowers can brighten one’s mood but not many realise that they play a part in feng shui too. Flowers are known to add yang (luminous and positive) energy into a space and represent certain aspects of life that you may want to enhance. 

Regardless of whether you believe in feng shui, it will not hurt to have lovely floral bouquets in your home that are great as decorations too. 

If this sounds like something right up your alley, here are five lucky flowers to consider. 

1. Orchids

Orchids best symbolise fertility as well as purity, beauty and love. It is said that having orchids at home will increase levels of happiness and foster good relationships between family members. Though these are the main benefits, orchids can also improve wealth and career, among other things. 

However, take note that the placement of an orchid floral bouquet matters too. For instance, you will have to find the money corner of your home, usually at the far left corner from your front door, and place orchids there to improve wealth. 

2. Peonies

Peonies are used in feng shui to enhance love and romance but each colour has its own symbolisation. A pink peony bouquet is recommended if you are looking to attract suitors as the shade is often associated with love. 

Just like orchids, the right placement is required too; singles can place a peony bouquet in the living room to bring in romance but couples should avoid placing it in the bedroom to prevent unwarranted entanglements that can hurt the relationship.

Bouquet of Pink Peonies In a Vase

3. Lotuses

Lotuses are the ultimate symbol of purity and perfection as they commonly grow in muddy waters but emerge blooming in breathtaking beauty. Apart from boosting harmony within the family, lotuses can also improve wealth. 

Thanks to all the positive energies associated with lotuses, they can mostly be placed anywhere in the home without worries. 

4. Lilies

Lilies are calming and peaceful flowers that add an uplifting vibe to any room, making them great for improving the well-being of its occupants. They also symbolise abundance, wealth and harmony. 

Build an auspicious lily floral bouquet by mixing and matching colours but stay away from placing white and red together as they may create a less than favourable energy. 

5. Roses

When talking about lucky flowers, roses immediately comes to mind. Roses are not just some of the most highly-coveted flowers by ladies, but they also bring in good luck! 

Each colour represents something different - pink and red symbolise love and marriage in feng shui while colours like peach enhance stability and yellow stand for happiness and joy. 

Getting roses delivered to your home in Singapore and placing them at the love corner, located at the south-west corner of the ba gua, can attract romance into your life. 

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