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4 Flowers That Thrive In Singapore's Humid Climate To Consider For Bouquets



Always felt that gifting or receiving fresh flower bouquets is a waste of money since they tend to just wither and lose their beauty after a few days, especially in Singapore’s humid climate? 

Well, the good news is that you can still enjoy their aesthetic appeal for a bit longer if you choose the right blooms! Plus, gifting flower bouquets is a great way to brighten a loved one’s day and let them know you are thinking of them. 

Here are four flowers that thrive in Singapore’s humid climate to consider for your next bouquet - read on to find out more. 

1. Sunflowers

sunflower flower bouquets singapore


While it is tough for us to keep flowers in their best condition at home for a long time due to our humid weather, sunflowers are actually heat-tolerant flowers that will thrive with adequate water and proper care. They are also native to North America and can adapt to most conditions across the world. 

So if you are planning to send flowers that will last slightly longer, consider a sunflower bouquet instead. These gorgeous yellow blooms are also the epitome of summer vibes - perfect for Singapore’s all-year-round sunny weather. 

2. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas flower bouquets singapore


Although hydrangeas typically prefer moist soils, they can also tolerate the heat and sun well. However, take note not to place them in direct and strong sunlight as tissue death may occur, causing them to wither and die. Thus, providing hydrangeas with lots of water is a good way to help them last longer. 

Consider getting a hydrangea bouquet for a loved one as they typically come in a variety of colours that represent different things that can be used to convey your message. For instance, pink symbolises heartfelt emotion and blue represents apology. 

3.  Lilies

Lilies flower bouquets singapore


Calla lilies, in particular, are tropical flowers that will thrive in heat and are even drought-tolerant! They prefer a fairly warm environment, humidity and moisture (which sounds just like Singapore’s weather) to keep their flowers blooming. 

If you have received a flower bouquet of calla lilies, keep them in partial shade and make sure not to water them too aggressively. If you are planning to gift them to someone, it is also worth noting that the colour represents different meanings too - white symbolises purity and innocence while yellow symbolises gratitude. 

4. Daisies

Daisies flower bouquets singapore


Blackfoot daisies are crowd-favourites not just for their dainty and sophisticated outlook but also because they grow in the sunniest spots and can thrive in humid weather. The simple white flowers and bright yellow centres also emit a subtle sweet scent that will surely make your loved one’s day while sprucing up their home at the same time. 

They make great additions to any flower bouquet or as a standalone flower since they already look so beautiful. These daisies only require minimal water is required but also adequate sun which is great for Singapore’s weather. 

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