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Recommendation For Anniversary:

1st Anniversary: Carnation; represent the ties of lasting vows of commitment and joy for the next years

2nd Anniversary: Lily; represent the purity of your relationship along with modesty and devotion- a powerful symbol of love

3rd Anniversary: Sunflower; represent the bond which indicates strength and warmth that is shown in loyalty and fidelity

4th Anniversary: Hydrangea; represent gratefulness and appreciation

5th Anniversary: Daisy; represent Innocence and gentleness of the romantic future

6th Anniversary: Calla Lily; represent the growth and beauty of celebrated love and wisdom for your 6th year anniversary.

7th Anniversary: Freesia; represent trust and faithfulness.

8th Anniversary: Lilac; symbolically makes the couple recall the sweetness of their love and first emotions.

9th Anniversary: Bird of Paradise; represent the magnificence and finery of celebrating love on the 9th year 

10th Anniversary - Daffodil on the 10th anniversary simply reminds the couple about sweet memories that they share.

11th Anniversary - Tulip; represent declaration of love and devotion, Eleventh anniversary is a time to renew your commitment to each other. Celebrate your eleventh anniversary with this sophisticated beauty symbolic of renewal.

12th Anniversary -Peony; represent honor and fortune of a happy relationship

13th Anniversary - Chrysanthemum n the 13th year represents the abundance of love. In many cultures the chrysanthemum is the symbol of royalty

14th Anniversary - Orchid; represent pure affection, understanding and mature charm

15th Anniversary - Rose; represent the beauty and perfection of love between two individuals. Roses are synonymous with passion and romance. After fifteen years you’ve earned the sensual and romantic opulence of the mighty rose. Fifteen years together is an important milestone. Remind your spouse that you still feel the passion with a fresh rose bouquet

20th Anniversary - Aster; represents wisdom you have gained over twenty wonderful years of marriage and good fortune.

25th Anniversary - Iris; represents faith and promise of happy and long lasting marriage.

30th anniversary - Lily; represents magnificence of pride, beauty and devotion.


Giving flowers has been a lovely way to communicate and show emotions since ancient times. The Turks originally assigned a special meaning to each flower, and these meanings spread throughout the world.


Appreciation is the best form of encouragement and a simple thank you note you can give someone. From a friend who got promoted, a colleague who is moving to a new workplace, to a friend who just graduated, showing them a simple appreciation gift will make their day.. So show appreciation where it is due with the most beautiful arrangement of appreciation flowers.

Recommendation for appreciation; these flowers are even more special than others to express gratefulness and thanks.

- Hydrangea

- Rose

- Sweet Pea

- Campanula

- Iris


Exotic blooms and eye-catching arrangement is the perfect way to say Happy Birthday!


Delivery of fresh, fragrant flowers that are carefully picked and selected by our florist is an easy and personal way to let someone know you remembered their special day. Our wide variety of bouquets is always the right choice for every birthday on your list.

We also have personalized vase arrangement, available for purchase. You can engrave short wishes or your special someone's name on a pearl, gold or silver vase. Definitely something unique and special!


If you are planning to send congratulations flowers in Singapore to wish your friends, we have a wide variety of congratulation flowers to be sent in a box or a floral stand.

You can choose your preferred flowers for a beautifully arranged opening ceremony flower stand. We will make sure not to disappoint. 

Cheer Up

If you feel like doing something sweet for someone special, just to make them smile and lift their spirits, send them a bouquet of beautifully fresh and wonderfully arranged cheer up flowers. We have selected bright floral arrangements to cheer up anyone and give them wonderful memories.


The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The Earth laughs in flowers.” 

Flowers give unfamiliar spaces a feeling of familiarity and warmth.

When good friends and acquaintances bid us adieu, buying flowers lets them know we've appreciated their presence and we wish them success on the next stage of their journey.


Fresh flowers give expression to our emotions when it's difficult to find the right words. They provide assurances that you'll hold the recipient dear for a long time to come. Petite Fleur's best farewell flowers are fitting tributes to an industrious career, a long-held friendship, or a life well lived.

Not only can flowers express your love, but they can also tell that special someone farewell.

Let our beautifully handcrafted bouquet speak for you.

Get Well Soon

Medical studies have concluded that patients who have flowers nearby spend fewer days in hospital. They also report reductions in pain, fatigue, anxiety, and have lower systolic blood pressure readings. Beautiful flowers are also known to help loved ones recover from surgery faster and feel more positive about life and recovery.

Nothing cheers a hospital room or sick bed like a vase or basket of vibrant get well flowers. Every bloom is a potent reminder to the person who’s suffering that you are healing their way, and that their successful return to wellness matters deeply. We have carefully and thoughtfully selected appropriate blooms for hospital / home recovery.


Graduation is a momentous occasion and it should be celebrated cheerfully.

It's a graduation gift that makes the big day all the more memorable.


Browse our graduation collection for fresh flower bouquet suitable for the occasion.

We have added fluffy graduation bear to add on to the floral bouquet.


Secure a YES with our bespoke and elegant bouquets designed with your loved one in mind. Look through what we have crafted specially for proposal, or talk to us to specially customise your proposal bouquet.

Once you've decided to you're ready to propose, it's inevitable that you'll be excited and anxious. After all, it's a moment that you both will remember (and repeat the story of) for the rest of your lives. That said, you can trust our florists to arrange a special bouquet for your proposal.


During sad time, sending condolence flowers is a kind way to let them know your thoughts are with them. 

When you just heard the sad news, some people choose to send flowers a week or so after the funeral when the initial chaos has passed. A nice gesture is to send sympathy flowers to the family's home after the funeral to remind them that you have not forgotten about them or their loss. And even if a few weeks have passed since the death, flowers are a comforting reminder that friends are still thinking of the family throughout the grieving process.

A small to mid-size designed sympathy arrangement are typically sent to the home of the surviving family members. 

Sympathy potted orchids are also a perfectly lovely - and lasting - way to show your support to a grieving family. Our phalaepnosis orchid can be enjoyed for months after a funeral and can stand as a remembrance to the lost loved one.

When it comes to expressing your condolences in a classic manner, nothing is more elegant than a mix of all-white sympathy flowers . White flowers have long represented humility and reverence, while also sending a message of loyalty.


Keep in mind that a sympathy arrangement doesn't necessarily have to be dark and somber. It can also be bright and cheerful. During this difficult time, you can help remind the family to celebrate the life that was lived. Flowers add fragrance, color, and beauty to an otherwise somber atmosphere and provide a comforting diversion. An arrangement filled with springtime colors - pink, yellow and lavender are a lovely reminder of hope and rebirth.

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