Bright arrangement of orange lily, and suitable filler flowers. Our lilies require a few days to reach full bloom stage, so do expect them to have variations of half bloomed and fully bloomed lilies. The lily takes on a different shaped - depending on the angle that is viewed on. Viewed from the front, the petals open up to make it look like a star. From the side, the lily looks like a bell.


Orange (tiger) lilies symbolize confidence, pride, and wealth.



Petite Bouquet : D23cm*50cm

Medium Bouquet : D28cm*60cm

Large Bouquet : D 38cm*60cm

You can also opt to add on marble vase or white vase. If you have selected add-on vase option, we will arrange your flowers in a vase for you. 


Vase option will incur $20 additional charge.


Each arrangement is an individual made specially and exclusively for you. Final product may not resemble picture shown entirely.

Tiger Lily Bouquet

Add on
  • Fresh flowers flourish under cool conditions. Transfer fresh flowers into clean vase with water. Change water frequently for longer vitality.



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