Hexagon Vase arrangement - Fresh Flowers

Measurement of the vase:

Length: 30cm Height: 27cm Width: 10cm without flowers

Length: 33cm Height: 35cm Width: 12cm with flowers


An arrangement of mixed flowers in a hexagon glass vase. Our florists will arrange a mixture of flowers based on your preferred color palette. 


If you have any preferred design, you can email us your order number and the image of your preferred design. Otherwise, you can also let us know if you have any favorite flowers and we will inform our florists to arrange something just for you!

Hexagon Vase arrangement - Fresh Flowers

  • Fresh flowers flourish under cool conditions.Carefully pour a small amount of water into the floral sponge.


    Hydrangeas are especially sensitive and require more care. Frequent change of clean water is essential.



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