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Christmas Snow Globe

  • $118.00

Get into the festive spirit with our latest collection, Christmas Snow Globe! An acrylic ball that looks like a snow globe filled with cinnamon sticks, cotton plant, pine cones, and other christmas flowers sitting atop our iconic Petite Fleur Floral Box.

Comes with fairy lights as well!


Height: 40cm

Width: 20cm

Each arrangement is an individual made specially and exclusively for you. Final product may not resemble picture shown entirely.


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  1. Do not water preserved flowers. Remember, they are not alive, even if they look like they are.
  2. Keep them away from direct sunlight. Preserved flowers should not be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.
  3. Keep them out of humid places or environments.
  4. Do not press, bend, or squash the petals or stems. They are delicate and can be damaged easily.