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Field of Dandelions

  • $115.00

An arrangement like no other — dandelions and succulents — make the perfect pairing! Known to symbolize timeless love, succulents make the best gift for your significant other. Its unique shapes and fresh scent truly helps to elevate the outlook of an arrangement! Standing out like a star, the majestic dandelions are known to represent happiness, love and rebirth. 

A picturesque arrangement, this potted plant is truly for individuals who love and appreciate the greenery! This also works great as a home decor; elevating the nature element in your home.

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Height: 20cm
Width: 18cm

Each arrangement is an individual made specially and exclusively for you.
Final product may not resemble the picture shown entirely.


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  1. Potted plants are low in maintenance. Place them at areas with enough light but avoid direct sunlight.
  2. Water the plant infrequently, being guided by the plant, rather than watering on a schedule. Usually, every 7 to 10 days depending on where the plant is being stored.
  3. Water the roots or soil directly