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Attention, modern minimalists! Allow us to introduce this floral masterpiece featuring the exquisite beauty of hydrangeas, stunning Cymbidium Orchids, and the exotic allure of Anthuriums. Enhanced with festive decorative fans and dried Amaranthus, this floral centerpiece is nothing short of breathtaking.

Its simplicity radiates luxury and elegance, making it the perfect vase arrangement to elevate your living space and enhance any celebration.

Don't wait; add it to your cart now and savor the convenience of our same-day delivery service. Let these stunning florals arrive at your doorstep, ready to transform your day.

Height: 60cm
Width: 50cm

Each arrangement is an individual made specially and exclusively for you.
Final product may not resemble the picture shown entirely.


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1. Keep fresh flowers away from direct sunlight.
2. Keep flowers in cool areas.
3. Trim at least half inch of stem off your flowers each time you change the water. Replace the water in vase daily.
4. Avoid placing your flowers beside ripening fruit or vegetables.