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Fiery Passion

  • $195.00

All we can see is passion, excitement and strength in this grand vase arrangement! With the red torch ginger flower that represent limitless prosperity and diversity, they are widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. This makes the arrangement suitable for countertop decoration!

The big heart shaped anthurium are bold and compelling which makes them a suitable filler flowers as they symbolise long-lasting relationships. The red mokara orchids on the other hand are said to be a symbol of beauty, luxury and love.

What’s more suitable than sending this prosperous and beautiful arrangement to beautify someone’s home or office? Start gifting now with Petite Fleur’s same day delivery services this instant!



Height: 95cm

Width: 85cm


Each arrangement is an individual made specially and exclusively for you.

Final product may not resemble the picture shown entirely.



Available Options

Occassional light spritz of water on the roots would suffice. Avoid exposure under direct sunlight.