Fancy Floral Teacup

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Fancy Floral Teacup

  • $78.00

A simple statement piece in a teacup that brings a feeling of elegant and vintage luxury. This can also be a charming centerpiece for a memorable event or a special gift that can be enjoyed long after.

Teacup will be put inside a black round box to protect the teacup from breaking during delivery. Recipient can easily find the teacup inside the black round box. 

Diameter: 12cm*H7cm without flowers

Diameter: 18*H16cm with flowers

Each floral teacup is carefully arranged by our skilled florists, personalised just for you.


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Fresh flowers flourish under cool conditions. Transfer fresh flowers into clean vase with water. Change water frequently for longer vitality.


Place preserved flowers in dry and cool air, and avoid exposure to moisture and humidity for everlasting effect.