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Articles from July 2021

Match flowers to your home interior with these five tips
There’s no better way to decorate a home than with lovely bouquets of beautiful blooms. Whilst interior design styles have changed over the years, flowers have always been a timeless addition to any home, up till today. The elements in a flower arrangement, like colour, size, shape, vase, create a unique aesthetic for different interior styles; bringing the right elements together can truly elevate your space from plain to spectacular. To help you match flowers to your house in Singapore, we share five things to consider when decorating with blooms!   1. Flowers Did you know that diff..
Say it with roses: How To pick the perfect rose bouquet
The classic red rose is known and adored around the world as a symbol of true love - and so, it is not surprising that roses are the most popular blooms on Valentine’s Day, sought after by lovers looking to express something heartfelt on this occasion. Many other dates also call for the red roses, such as a romantic evening of candlelit dinner, a beautiful surprise proposal, or a heart-fluttering confession of love to someone dear. Roses seep with wonderful meaning, myth and magic - every type of rose or a lavish bouquet of any number of roses says something special. That’s why, we share tips ..
Freshen your home with longer-lasting fresh flower bouquets
Fresh flower bouquets are a refreshing gift to receive on any occasion, and make a lovely treat for yourself too. Oftentimes, however, the beauty of a fresh bouquet fades quicker than it should due to a lack of proper care for the flowers. Keeping a bouquet fresh takes a little bit of effort, but - to enjoy vibrant, fresh flowers in your home, it’s worthwhile. We share five simple tips on how to keep your flowers fresh and lasting longer in Singapore, so you can delight in them for as long as possible!    #1 Trim the stems The first thing you should do with your fresh bouquet of flowe..
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