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The Wedding Decoration Checklist for Your Dream Wedding


IIt's natural to want to celebrate a once in a lifetime occasion - a wedding, in the best and most beautiful way that you love. Flowers are a wonderful way to transform an ordinary space into a heavenly one, so much so that most couples spend about 10 – 15 percent of their wedding budget on flowers décor. To make the most out of your floral fund, you may want to plan your wedding decoration checklist early in advance and get your hands on all the alluring arrangements you desire for your special day. Here, we share six essential wedding décors to help you get a head start!


Wedding Entrance Decor


Floral arch

Frame the special moment that you make your forever-and-always commitments with a gorgeous floral arch. Aside from symbolising a new chapter together, a floral arch provides a stunning backdrop for all the important details in your ceremony: the groom watching the bride as she walks in, the exchanging of rings, your first kiss as a married couple - all witnessed and photographed against a gentle spray of beautiful fresh flowers.


The Reception Table Decor


Reception table

The reception table decor sets the mood for the wedding even before your guests enter the venue. Greet them with a delightful arrangement of fresh flowers falling elegantly over the sides of the table while having them ooh and aah over your most romantic wedding photographs.


Classic Centerpiece Decoration



A classic piece of decoration that sits in the middle of the table, nothing says ‘wedding’ better than a beautiful centrepiece. Your centrepieces should match your wedding venue: larger venues with higher ceilings are stunningly paired with tall blooms and vases, whilst smaller, cosier venues go well with shorter, petite floral arrangements. Centrepieces create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your guests to mingle with one another, and even help to set the stage for conversations to get going.


Table Runner Decoration


Table runner

You might think of table runners as a different type of centrepiece - these wedding decorations run down the middle of the table, sometimes draping down the ends to flaunt a magical, breathtaking look.


Table Runner Decoration


Table runners can bring out a variety of styles for your wedding, whether garlands of greenery to top off a wild, forest theme, delicate white flowers and light ferns for a dainty fairy-tale look, or even muted mixes of dusty green leaves and blush pink roses for a vintage aesthetic.


White Roses Chair Posy


Chair posy

Whilst chair posies may not take the spotlight, no detail is too small for wedding decorations - chair posies add that last touch of charm to complete the whole wedding look. Have it your way with a few simple stalks of your favourite white roses, or style it up with plump, luscious blooms and twisting vines that cover the entire back of each chair. Chair posies are an effortless way to add a personal touch to your wedding ceremony and reception.


Floral Chair Posy


Solemnisation decoration

With the pandemic putting restrictions on the size of weddings in Singapore, many couples have sought to turn their solemnisation into a smaller ceremony for close family and friends.

Floral décor placed in the centre of the solemnisation table will soften and make your exchange of vows even dreamier; using newlywed ghost chairs decorated with romantic blooms on each end create an illusion of two chairs as one - a symbol of two of you becoming united in marriage. There are so many other ways that you can use floral décor to make your solemnisation just as special as a wedding ceremony!


 Floral Solemnisation Decoration


Petite Fleur is a trusted florist in Singapore that offers beautiful wedding decor packages to turn your dream wedding into reality. Get in touch with our dedicated team of florists for your desired floral decorations today!